The Ultimate Guide to Twitch Default Sub Badges

As a Twitch streamer, you’ve got an array of tools at your fingertips to foster a thriving community, and one of those golden nuggets is the Twitch default sub badge. This nifty icon, positioned with pride next to your subscribers’ names during the chat, not only sets them apart but also adds a dash of exclusivity to your gaming community.

However, leveraging the power of these default sub-badges extends beyond what Twitch hands out off the shelf. While the generic badge does its job, your creativity can flip the game on its head. Crafting a custom badge tailored to your brand personality, like a unique logo or a color palette resonating with your theme, can push engagement levels off the charts, urging viewers to hit that ‘Subscribe‘ button.

As a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, this becomes even more exciting. You can customize the ‘Base Badge,’ representing the subscribers who’ve been part of your journey for at least a month, giving them another reason to stick around.

Suppose the design isn’t your strongest suit; no worries! Many third-party sellers are eager to aid you with their skills, turning your vision into a pixel-perfect reality. Remember, it’s not just about upgrading from the Twitch default sub badges; it’s about fostering a unique, engaging Twitch streaming community that stands out in the vast digital gaming landscape.

What Is A Default Sub Badge On Twitch?

This intriguing little icon, nestled next to a viewer’s name, is more than decoration. It’s a sign of support, an emblem of loyalty, a real visual “thank you” that springs up in the chat as soon as someone subscribes to your channel.

Think of this badge as a token of appreciation for Twitch subscribers. By default, Twitch offers you a standard badge, essentially a humble star, a tiny symbol of recognition for your loyal Twitch community.

Yet, streamers aren’t limited to this design. If you desire something more unique for your Twitch channel default badge, Twitch encourages your creativity. You can upload your own custom designs, crafting a badge that resonates with your brand and makes your subscribers feel even more integral to your growing Twitch channel.

Why are Twitch Default Sub Badges Important?

Peering into the world of Twitch, one quickly understands the importance of default sub badges. These simple symbols wield immense power in community building, binding your viewers together under a shared emblem of allegiance.

As a streamer, when you glance at your Twitch community and see a sea of similar badges, you instantly recognize the unity, the shared sense of purpose. It’s like spotting friendly flags in a crowd, signaling a collective identity.

Subscriber engagement hits a new high when Twitch users don their default sub badges. Acting as proud badges of honor, these icons celebrate viewers’ commitment to your channel. The badges whisper, “Here stands a loyal supporter, a long-term subscriber.” For many, it’s a source of pride, a testament to their enduring loyalty. This visible display of support often inspires others to join the ranks to become part of the exclusive club.

But these Twitch default sub badges aren’t just about community and loyalty. They also add a dash of channel personalization. Custom default sub badges can set your stream apart from the ocean of Twitch channels. Picture it like your channel’s unique fashion statement, tailored to resonate with your brand identity. This visual distinctiveness can attract new viewers, potentially boosting your subscriber count.

Default Subscriber Badge Guidelines

It’s no secret that Twitch offers a standard badge. Yet, taking a step further and creating your custom badge designs makes your brand and community stand out. The creative spin you put on your badges can significantly boost your Twitch channel’s visibility.

But remember, while badge creation is an avenue to express your unique style, adhering to Twitch’s guidelines is a must. You certainly don’t want your brilliant ideas clashing with Twitch rules. This might feel like treading on thin ice, but fear not. I’ll steer you through the process.

First, designing your custom badges helps elevate your brand, fostering a closer bond with your community. Can’t spare a dime or minute for a complex design? No worries! Opt for a more straightforward strategy. Think about color differentiation for various subscription tiers. Even simple changes can lead to noticeable differences.

Secondly, let your badges see the light of day. Once your custom default sub badges are up and running, gauge the reactions from your community. Your subscribers’ feedback is a valuable tool for continuous improvement. If tweaks are needed, don’t shy away from making them. After all, creating badges that resonate with your audience is the ultimate goal. So, jump right in, experiment, and make the most of your Twitch default badge guidelines to enhance your Twitch experience.

How to make witch sub badges

It is also essential to know how to make these Twitch sub badges. The creative process of crafting these badges is a chance to flex your artistic muscles and establish a further connection with your Twitch community. From conceptualizing an idea that perfectly represents your brand to shaping it into a pixel-perfect badge, the journey is nothing short of exciting.

For those wondering how to make Twitch sub badges, you can start with basic graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. If you’re not well-versed in design software, free online platforms like Canva also offer a plethora of design elements to help you create your unique badge. Remember, your Twitch sub badge should be visually appealing and reflect your channel’s vibe.

Once you’ve got a design in mind, you must create three versions of your Twitch sub badge for each subscription length, corresponding to the three different display sizes: 18×18, 36×36, and 72×72 pixels. The image should be in PNG format and have a transparent background.

You can also hire a graphic designer if you’re not confident in your design skills or prefer a professional touch. There are several designers with extensive experience in creating Twitch graphics who can bring your ideas to life.

In essence, learning how to make Twitch sub badges involves understanding the blend of art and emotion that would resonate with your subscribers, giving them a token of appreciation they would feel proud to display.

Default Subscriber Badge Requirements

Now, let’s talk about some basic badge requirements. Twitch, like any platform, has its own set of rules. Remember that your badges should comply with Twitch’s terms of service and community guidelines. Steer clear from offensive or copyrighted content to avoid any hiccups.

Getting the Twitch default sub-badge requirements right is essential for channel growth. Remember, it’s not just about slapping any old symbol on your brand. Instead, it’s about creating a meaningful connection with your followers by representing your community uniquely and engagingly. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Firstly, Twitch’s default badge specifications stipulate that badges must be uploaded in sizes 18×18, 36×36, and 72×72 pixels. This ensures they’re displayed correctly, whether viewed on a phone or a large desktop monitor.

Next, badge format. Twitch insists on PNGs with transparent backgrounds. That way, they meld smoothly into chat interfaces, enhancing the viewer experience.

Finally, we arrived at the badge design. Now, while Twitch gives you a lot of creative leeway here, remember the responsibility that comes with it. Stay clear of offensive or copyrighted material—within Twitch’s terms of service and community guidelines. Your badge, after all, should resonate with your community, not get you into hot water.

Requirement CategorySpecificsNotes
Size18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pixelsEnsure all three sizes are uploaded for each badge
FormatPNG with transparent backgroundsFor seamless integration into chat interfaces
ContentComply with Twitch’s termsAvoid offensive or copyrighted material
DesignUnique to your brandShould resonate with your community
FeedbackGauge reactions from communityUse subscriber feedback for continuous improvement

Managing Your Default Subscriber Badges

Tackling the art of managing Twitch default badges doesn’t need to be daunting. Imagine the satisfaction of displaying your unique badge designs, easily recognizable in the sea of chatter. Here’s a nifty step-by-step guide to steer you through the process of badge management on Twitch.

First, log in to your Twitch account and view your dashboard. Once there, depending on your prestige as a Twitch Partner or Affiliate, scroll down to the Subscriptions section nestled in your dashboard preferences. This is your control center for Twitch settings related to subscriptions and badges.

Now, it’s time for the fun part—badge upload. Under the Subscriptions tab, you’ll spot an option to upload your carefully crafted default sub-badge designs. Pick the correct badge tier (think: base, two months, three months, and so on), and introduce your badge design in the suggested sizes and formats.

Like a digital fashion show, preview your badges’ appearance in the chat interface and tweak them until they’re runway-ready. Once you’re thrilled with your designs, hit ‘save’ to make them part of your Twitch identity.

Updating Twitch default badges might be on your agenda as your channel matures and morphs. Revisiting your dashboard, navigating to the Subscriptions section, and introducing your fresh badge designs is a breeze. Don’t forget to hit ‘save’ and watch as your new badges take center stage.

This guide makes managing your default subscriber badges as intuitive as streaming your favorite game. Now, go forth, badge masters, and personalize your Twitch realm like never before!

How to Get Default Badges on Twitch?

Earning Twitch default badges can really spice up your interactions and give you a sense of progression. To bag these coveted badges, the path most trodden by Twitch viewers is via channel subscriptions. As soon as you hit the subscribe button, voila! You’re presented with a default badge for that channel.

And for our Twitch Affiliates and Partners out there, you hold the power to custom design these badges, especially the “Base Badge.” That’s the one that’s dished out once your viewers are subscribed to your channel for at least one month.

Want to know another way to earn these default badges? It’s with Twitch bits, the platform’s virtual currency. Your badge tier climbs up a notch whenever you cheer with these bits. So, the more you cheer, the higher your badge tier.

Getting default badges on Twitch isn’t just limited to subscriptions and cheers. Some channels offer these badges as exclusive rewards for participating in their events or contests. So get involved. It’s time to grow your badge collection and, thus, your Twitch presence.

Community Questions and Suggestions on Twitch Default Sub Badges

As a keen observer of Twitch discussions and a participant in various Twitch communities, I’ve noticed a recurring topic that interests me: “Should I prioritize sub emotes or sub badges first?” Weighing these elements, it’s safe to say both are vital. But if I had to pick one, I’d advise focusing on sub-emotes.

Why? They have a direct, tangible impact on your viewer experience, creating a more vibrant and interactive chat environment. That’s not to say that unique and enticing default sub badges don’t have their role. In fact, they can be pivotal in forging a tight-knit community and driving viewer loyalty, turning your channel into a bustling, lively hub.

Now, let’s dive into the thick of community suggestions on this topic.

One compelling idea that surfaced on platforms like Reddit and UserVoice is giving subscribers the autonomy to choose between displaying the 1st badge or the default subscription badge.

This way, they can proudly flaunt the badge that reflects their subscription duration, celebrating their allegiance to your channel. Yet, they can also opt for the default badge, offering them flexibility. So, for those of you looking to propel your Twitch channel growth, keep these Twitch community questions and suggestions in mind, and watch your

New Default Sub Badges for Different Subscription Lengths

If you’re keen to unlock the potential of your Twitch channel, here’s a scoop! Twitch has rolled out new default sub badges catering to diverse subscription lengths, namely 2, 3, 6, and 9-month plans. You’ll spot these symbols of loyalty and support right next to a subscriber’s chat handle.

With every subscription length, these badges take on a new avatar, making each one a milestone in your viewer’s subscription journey. No longer are they just passive viewers but a vibrant part of your Twitch community. Thanks to these new Twitch updates, as a streamer, you can spur engagement and give kudos to your faithful subscribers.

In a nutshell, Twitch’s new sub-badges amplify the sense of achievement and recognition among your followers. So, with these innovative Twitch subscription badges in your arsenal, you’re all set to elevate your Twitch badge game, boost your channel growth, and strengthen community bonds. Channel evolve and flourish.

Type of BadgeRequirementsDisplay SizesSignificance
Base Badge1-month subscription18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxFirst badge received, signifies a new subscriber
2-month Badge2-month subscription18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxShows continued support
3-month Badge3-month subscription18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxMarks a quarter-year of support
6-month Badge6-month subscription18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxMarks half a year of support
9-month Badge9-month subscription18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxSignifies a long-term subscriber
Cheer BadgeCheering with Twitch bits18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxEarned by using Twitch’s virtual currency to cheer
Event BadgeParticipation in events18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pxExclusive rewards for participating in channel events or contests


What does the 1st sub badge mean on Twitch?

The 1st sub badge, also known as the Founders Badge, is a subscriber badge exclusive to the first 10 Prime or paid subscribers of Affiliate channels and the first 25 Prime or paid subscribers of Partner channels. It represents early support and commitment to the channel.

How do I turn off the first sub badge on Twitch?

Streamers can’t assign the Founders Badge to specific users, but they can revoke Founder status from one of their original subscribers, making the next person in line a Founder. This allows them to control who is considered a Founder on their channel.

How do you get sub badges on Twitch?

Sub badges are automatically assigned to the first ten subscribers of a Twitch Affiliate channel. Once the channel becomes partnered, up to 15 additional sub badges can be unlocked based on the number of subscribers.

How do I change my sub badge on Twitch?

As a viewer, you can’t change your sub badge on Twitch. The sub badge you have is determined by your subscription status and the channel’s badge settings.

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