Learn How to Make Eye-Catching Twitch Sub Badges

Let’s jump right into the heart of growing your Twitch channel: creating eye-catching Twitch sub badges. Done right, they can drive engagement and boost subscriber numbers. I’m here to guide you step-by-step on how to make these badges that’ll set your channel apart. So, grab your creative hat, and let’s get started.

Crafting unique Twitch sub badges is an excellent tactic to fuel your growth in the Twitch streaming sphere, and it’s a critical step in learning how to build a robust Twitch community. These badges are a tangible emblem of a subscriber’s devotion – a visual cue highlighting your community’s loyalty and support.

More than that, Twitch subscriber badges offer a dual benefit: they provide your most committed followers a sense of belonging and identity while giving you, the streamer, an artistic outlet to exemplify your brand and creativity.

Indeed, these little symbols of honor aren’t just aesthetical additions. They are powerful community-building tools, fostering a robust network of fans eager to support you.

One unique aspect to note is the ‘Twitch default sub badge.’ This badge is automatically assigned to the subscribers when they subscribe to a channel for the first time. It serves as a milestone for new subscribers and a starting point in their journey within your community.

Crafting custom Twitch badges isn’t about merely following a trend. It’s about distinguishing your channel from the bustling crowd. Embrace the customization factor, and let your badges tell your story.

Pie-chart illustrating user preferences for different types of Twitch sub badges, with 40% preferring custom designs, 20% default designs, 30% limited editions, and 10% other options.

Understanding the influence of Twitch loyalty badges and implementing them strategically can increase subscribers, advancing your journey towards Twitch success. One effective way to foster community and drive engagement is to incorporate Twitch community challenge ideas.

Community challenges can add an extra interaction layer, making your channel more lively and dynamic. For instance, you could set up a challenge where your subscribers must collectively reach a certain amount of engagement, like chat messages, within a given timeframe. You could create and showcase a unique, limited edition Twitch sub badge as a reward.

This approach encourages active participation and gives your subscribers a tangible symbol of their achievement. It’s an excellent way to directly involve your viewers in your channel’s growth and success. Another engaging community-centric approach is to learn how to collab stream on Twitch. Collaborative streaming allows you to team up with other creators, potentially attracting new audiences and fostering a sense of community between different channels. Plus, it allows your subscribers to see their favorite streamers interact in real time, which can be exciting and engaging for viewers.

So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of designing these integral elements, ensuring your channel stands out and your supporters feel valued and recognized.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Twitch Sub Badges

Making your mark on Twitch involves more than just streaming. A vital part of building your brand identity is creating unique Twitch sub-badges. It’s a process that may seem challenging, but let’s break it down step by step:

Finding the Perfect Picture for Your Badge, Uploading and Editing the Badge Image, and finally, Exporting and Downloading Your Twitch Sub Badge. These steps are the cornerstone of your Twitch badge design journey. And don’t worry. We’ll be right by your side, guiding you through each phase.

Check out this video if you prefer to have a more visual guide.

Finding the Perfect Picture for Your Badge

Start your Twitch badge creation journey by selecting the right image, an aspect central to brand consistency. Reflect on what your channel stands for and find an image that syncs with your brand image. This isn’t just about image design; it’s about telling a story that resonates with your viewers. Steer clear of overly complex images.

Twitch sub badges are tiny, and too many details will get lost. Also, remember to stick to Twitch’s guidelines – avoid single-letter images unless it’s a part of your brand. Need a little inspiration? Check out some top streamers and see how they’re doing it. So, remember, image selection is key to making your Twitch branding hit the right note.

Uploading and Editing the Badge Image

Once you’ve got the perfect image, it’s time to upload and customize it on Twitch. Head over to your Twitch settings, then to the sub-badge section. From there, pick the suitable size for your badge (you have three options: 18px x 18px, 36px x 36px, or 72px x 72px).

Size (px)Use Case
18×18Displayed in chat
36×36Retina display
72×72Source image

Next, upload your image, ensuring it sticks to the file format and size requirements. Feel free to fine-tune your badge using Twitch’s editing tools or your preferred external software. Don’t forget to preview your work and save it.

Mind those common errors – wrong file formats or exceeding size limitations. So, when you’re uploading and editing your Twitch badge, it’s all about careful attention to detail and image customization.

Exporting and Downloading Your Twitch Sub Badge

You’re almost at the finish line. With your badge design done, it’s time to export and download it. Ensure your design has met your expectations, and then export it using the correct file format as laid out by Twitch.

Pick where you want to save your badge on your computer and verify that the file is in the correct format and can be uploaded easily to Twitch. Twitch’s support resources are just a click away if you stumble upon any issues.

The process of saving your Twitch badge should be smooth sailing if you adhere to these steps. You’re now ready to rock your Twitch channel with your shiny new sub badge. Remember, creating Twitch sub badges isn’t just about downloading or saving a file; it’s about cel.

Using Badge Makers for Twitch Sub Badges

Crafting Twitch sub badges that pop is a cinch when you use the right badge makers. With a dash of creativity and the right tools, you can make badges that appeal to your viewers and foster a sense of community.

Let’s explore three badge makers that have proven invaluable in the Twitch community: Canva, OWN3D Badge Maker, and Crello.


When it comes to badge creation, Canva is the Swiss Army Knife of design tools. With its drag-and-drop interface, designing a Twitch sub badge on Canva is as easy as pie. Head over to the Canvas website, hit the “Create a design” button, and opt for “Custom dimensions.” Set your dimensions (500x500px), and let your creativity flow as you build your badge from scratch using various design elements.

Once you’ve designed a badge that screams ‘you,’ save it and download it. Canva offers flexibility in spades, from its plethora of templates to its vast array of fonts and graphics, all wrapped up in a user-friendly package. But the cherry on top? Canva’s competitive pricing makes badge design affordable for every streamer. Canva for Twitch sub badges? Yes, please!

OWN3D Badge Maker

OWN3D Badge Maker is a potent ally for Twitch streamers seeking a sleek, intuitive badge design platform. Navigating to the Sub Badge Maker on the OWN3D site opens the doors to a realm of customization options.

Choose from a variety of shapes, colors, and icons to craft a unique badge that captures your channel’s vibe. Preview, tweak, and download your new Twitch badge once you’ve created your masterpiece. OWN3D Badge Maker’s straightforward interface and vast customization options make it an excellent choice for streamers.

Plus, their pricing options cater to a range of budgets, and the examples of badges created with OWN3D speak for themselves.


With Crello, Twitch sub-badge design is a breeze. Hop onto the Crello website, set up an account, and dive into the “Square” format to create your badge. Customization options abound—text, shapes, images—allowing you to design a badge that aligns with your channel’s brand.

Adjust colors and sizes with Crello’s intuitive editing tools, and once you’re happy with the result, save and download your new badge. The icing on the cake? Crello’s vast selection of design elements and templates, user-friendly interface, and flexible pricing structure make it a go-to for Twitch badge design.

CanvaDrag-and-drop, various templatesUser-friendly, affordableLimited advanced features
OWN3D Badge MakerCustom shapes, colors, iconsHigh customization, straightforward interfacePricing may vary
CrelloText, shapes, images customizationVast design elements, user-friendlyLimited free options


How much do Twitch sub badges cost?

Sub badges are not sold but are earned by viewers who subscribe to a channel for at least one month. A subscription costs $4.99 per month for the basic tier.

Can you have sub badges as an affiliate?

Yes, affiliates can have sub badges. They can unlock one year of badge slots longer than their current Affiliate/Partner tenure with Twitch. However, affiliates cannot upload a custom founders badge for their subscribers.


Creating Twitch sub badges, or as some may call them, Twitch loyalty badges is a powerful move to increase audience engagement and foster community building on your streaming channel. The crux of the process involves customizing your subscriber badges, differentiating your subscribers, and adding a personal touch to your Twitch channel. You’ll need to be either a Twitch affiliate or a partner to achieve this.

It’s important to remember that these badges are created in three specific sizes: 18px x 18px, 36px x 36px, and 72px x 72px. While it may seem like a daunting task, user-friendly tools such as Canva and OWN3D Badge Maker simplify this creative endeavor. Canva offers an intuitive interface along with diverse design options, while OWN3D Badge Maker excels with customization options and a straightforward approach.

Don’t sweat if designing from scratch isn’t your cup of tea. Leveraging pre-made templates or even enlisting the services of a professional designer are viable alternatives. Regardless of the method, the end goal is to make your Twitch channel distinguishable and appealing.

In essence, the process of creating Twitch sub badges is more than just a task; it’s an opportunity to strengthen your Twitch streaming journey by rewarding your loyal subscribers and adding a personal flair to your channel. So experiment with different badge makers, let your creative juices flow, and make your mark on Twitch.

As you venture into this exciting badge-making journey, remember to share your badge designs with your audience and involve them in the process because their feedback could be invaluable. Happy badge-making!

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