Drive Massive Engagement: Implementing Twitch Community Goals

The Twitch community goals, or as some might refer to them, community objectives, have revolutionized the world of Twitch streaming, transforming it into an immersive playground of viewer engagement. These interactive features are more than just on-screen gimmicks.

They are powerful motivators, fueling viewer participation while rewarding them with Channel Points and fostering a potent sense of camaraderie within your online community. By leveraging these inventive elements, you are keeping your content in line with Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service and paving the way for channel expansion.

Remember, Twitch’s prime mission revolves around fostering an upbeat, inclusive experience for its global users. And you, as a streamer, have a key role in promoting this ideology. The rewards don’t end there, though. The cherry on top comes with Boost rewards that can propel your streams to highly visible parts of Twitch, paving the way for an expanded audience reach.

Indeed, the benefits of community goals are far-reaching, merging fun, creativity, and growth into one dynamic package.

What Are Twitch Community Goals?

Digging deeper, Twitch Community Goals are features that empower you, the streamer, to set a benchmark for your community. This could range from gathering a specific number of Channel Points to hitting a subscriber milestone.

The real magic happens when these goals are reached. That’s when you get to reward your viewers with cool perks like unique emotes, badges, or even an exclusive stream. The result? A lively, engaged community and a thriving channel.

The Importance of Community Goals for Streamers and Viewers

Why should you care about community goals? Simple. They’re a golden ticket to boost viewer engagement and loyalty. It’s like planting a seed – by setting goals and enticing rewards. You’re nudging your viewers to be more proactive during your streams.

This could lead to a surge in Channel Points, increased subscriber count, and more eyes on your content. From the viewers’ perspective, it’s a fun, interactive way to earn rewards and connect with the streamer and fellow viewers.

BenefitsFor StreamersFor Viewers
EngagementIncrease in Channel Points and subscriber countEarn rewards and connect with the streamer
Community BuildingFosters a sense of unity and purpose among viewersSense of achievement and camaraderie
VisibilityBoost rewards can propel streams to highly visible parts of TwitchMore interactive and rewarding streams to watch
LoyaltyViewers are more likely to return and be activeFeel valued and part of a community

How Community Goals Enhance Viewer Engagement

Community goals are more than just a tool to get you more viewers; they’re a catalyst for cultivating a sense of unity and purpose among your viewers. Viewers who collaborate to achieve a shared goal experience a sense of achievement and camaraderie.

This can foster loyalty to you, the streamer, and keep viewers hooked to your streams. Additionally, it prompts viewers to be more active in chat and other interactive aspects of your stream, making your channel a buzzing hub of activity.

For Viewers: Contributing to Community Challenges

Stepping into the world of Twitch, you’re not just a passive spectator. You’re an active contributor, shaping the experience as you go. Engaging with the Twitch Community Challenges is a fantastic way to enrich your viewing experience. For instance, have you racked up a decent stock of Channel Points? You’re in luck! You can funnel these into any active Community Challenge on your favorite streamer’s channel.

Simply pop over to their page, spot the active challenge, and toss in your Channel Points. Each contribution brings the community one step closer to hitting that communal target. As a viewer, you get the added thrill of feeling your impact in real-time. But how do you stay in the loop with these challenges? Read on.

How to know when a Community Challenge is available

You might be thinking, “Sounds great, but how do I know when there’s a challenge up for grabs?” Well, it’s simpler than you’d think. Active Community Challenges are typically advertised on the streamer’s page. Keep your eyes peeled for any announcements made during live streams, or check their social media updates. Who knows, you might stumble upon an enticing challenge that’s ready for your contribution.

How to Contribute to a Community Challenge

Once you’ve found an active challenge, contributing is a breeze. It’s all about using those hard-earned Channel Points. Select the amount you’d like to contribute, and voila! Your Channel Points are allocated toward the challenge, fueling its progress. Remember, every bit counts, so don’t hesitate to donate, even if it’s just a small portion of your points.

How to track the progress of a Community Challenge

Now you’re on board and contributing. Great! But naturally, you’d want to know how your contributions are making a difference, right? Tracking the progress of a Community Challenge is as easy as dropping by the streamer’s page. You’ll see a progress bar showing how close the community is to hitting the goal.

Regular updates may also be provided during live streams or social media posts. So, stay tuned and watch as your contributions help the Twitch community reach its goal.

For Streamers: Community Challenge Setup & Management

As a seasoned Twitch streamer, let me shed light on the wonder that is Community Challenges. This innovative feature unlocks a world where streamers like you and I can set an objective—accumulating a specific number of Channel Points or roping in a certain number of subscribers.

It’s as easy as navigating to your Channel Points Rewards page on your dashboard and hitting the “Create a Community Challenge” button. Once your Community Challenge is up and running, you’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat—monitoring progress, assigning rewards to generous contributors, and tweaking the goal to maintain momentum. It’s the perfect avenue for fostering a vibrant Twitch community.

How to Create a New Community Challenge

Click the “Create a Community Challenge” option on your dashboard’s Channel Points Rewards page. It’s then time to craft an enticing goal for your audience—like attaining a set number of Channel Points or hitting a subscriber milestone. Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of urgency by setting a deadline, and sweeten the pot with a unique reward for those who chip in.

How to Manage a Community Challenge

Once your Community Challenge is live and kicking, you’ll find it a breeze to manage from the Channel Points Rewards page. Need to adapt the goal to keep things exciting? No problem! Want to reward your most dedicated viewers? Easy! Moreover, keep the buzz alive by chattering about the Challenge during your streams or sharing updates across your social media platforms.

Twitch Community Guidelines: Avoiding Strikes

In the world of Twitch streaming, it’s crucial to adhere to Twitch’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. A “Twitch Community Guidelines Strike” is something that streamers need to be wary of, as it can have serious consequences for your channel, affecting its visibility and potential growth. Thus, it’s essential to understand and abide by Twitch’s guidelines to keep your content on the right track and avoid any unwanted strikes.

The Best Ideas for Twitch Community Challenges

If you’re into leveraging Twitch community challenges to ramp up audience engagement, I’ve got a hot list of captivating ideas for you. Now, community challenges vary in flavor – we have the heart-pumping dance-off challenges, the altruistic charity challenges, and physical challenges that would get your audience up and moving.

Not to overlook the surprise me challenges, twitch quiz challenges, or even the comedic trolling Twitch challenges. The crux is each challenge serves as an adrenaline spike, driving your viewership and followership through the roof. But keep in mind the rules and guidelines. Draw them clear as day to ensure a seamless, fun-filled experience for everyone involved.

Dance-off Challenges

Ever tried a dance-off challenge on your Twitch stream? Here’s the rundown. Rally your viewers to film their groovy moves to a select song or dance routine. Add a dash of competitiveness by letting viewers vote for the best dancer on the floor. The cherry on top? A unique shoutout or prize for the dance king or queen. Now, that’s a surefire way to skyrocket viewer engagement!

Charity Challenge

Nothing unites a community like working together for a good cause. The charity challenge is all about that. Encourage your viewers to donate their Channel Points to a chosen charity or cause. Keep the goal visible – a target sum of Channel Points to accumulate. And when you hit the mark, make that proud donation for your whole Twitch community. That’s a win-win situation right there.

Physical Challenges

Think about it – why should gaming or watching streams be a couch-bound activity? Stir up your audience with some physical challenges. There’s a ton to pick from, from fitness trials, such as a series of push-ups or squats, to outdoor explorations like a brisk run. Set achievable targets and acknowledge their hard work with a pat on the back or even some cool prizes. All in all, physical challenges offer a healthy and engaging mix to your Twitch channel.

The Surprise Me Challenge

Add an element of suspense to your Twitch streams with the Surprise Me challenge. Here, viewers get the chance to pitch unusual and unforeseen tasks for you to accomplish live on-stream. Use a voting system to single out the most intriguing or humorous suggestions and then bring them to life. This approach keeps your stream dynamic, captivating, and full of surprises.

The Trolling Twitch Challenges

Add a dash of mischief to your channel with the trolling Twitch challenges. This involves playful pranks on other streamers or viewers, sparking fun interactions while keeping the mood light. Remember to strike a balance — set boundaries to ensure the pranks remain respectful and in line with Twitch’s guidelines. That way, it’s all in good fun, and no one gets hurt (or banned!).

The Twitch Quiz Challenge

Test your viewers’ trivia prowess with the Twitch quiz challenge. This can revolve around topics related to your stream, general gaming knowledge, or any subject that tickles your fancy. Dish out rewards for viewers who ace the quiz or hit a specific score — nothing fuels competition like a good old prize at stake.

Giveaway Challenge

If you’re looking to incentivize engagement, the giveaway challenge might be your golden ticket. It allows viewers to participate for a chance to snag cool prizes through specific activities or tasks. Set engagement targets or entry thresholds to unlock the giveaway and build up anticipation by revealing the winners during your live stream. The thrill of a potential win can do wonders for viewer participation.

The Eating Challenge

Step into the wild side with an eating challenge on your Twitch stream! Create a fun, interactive segment where viewers can pitch bizarre food combinations for you to do a live taste test. Turn it into a democratic affair by letting the community vote on the quirkiest or most daring suggestions.

The suspense builds up; your reactions get captured in real time, and voila! You’ve got an eating challenge that can make taste buds cringe, hearts race, and chats explode with laughter.

The Funny Video Twitch Challenges

Unleash the creativity of your Twitch community with a funny video challenge! Motivate your viewers to cook up hilarious clips or memes inspired by your stream, their gaming exploits, or anything else they fancy.

Curate and spotlight the best submissions on your stream, creating an impromptu comedy club with everyone ROFL-ing. Reward the meme maestros with shoutouts, virtual high-fives, or nifty prizes. This kind of engagement doesn’t just bring a smile to everyone’s face. It makes your Twitch community feel seen, heard and appreciated.

Twitch Sub Goal Ideas

Twitch sub-goals are a pivotal mechanism to drive your channel’s growth, incentivizing viewers to participate and subscribe. Introducing the concept of a “Twitch daily sub-goal” can also add a dynamic, day-to-day dimension to this process. This entails setting a specific target for the number of new subscribers you wish to achieve each day, which can motivate both you and your audience to hit this goal consistently.

Whether it’s introducing new emotes, swapping your hair dye or style, conducting a karaoke showdown, showcasing your latest cosplay, or hosting community games, these nifty sub-goal ideas, aligned with the daily sub-goal, are bound to spike engagement, expand your follower count, and supercharge your channel’s expansion.

Moreover, other sub-goal ideas that can tap into viewer interest include indulging in spine-chilling horror games, playing that trending game or a challenging level, generating unique art pieces, orchestrating an intimate IRL stream, throwing a movie night or watch party, ramping upstream improvements, or even attempting a 24-hour stream.

In the end, all these sub-goal endeavors aim to boost your Twitch channel’s engagement, amass a larger follower base, and expedite your overall growth.

New Emotes

Delivering fresh emotes as part of your sub-goal rewards can excite your viewers to hit that subscribe button. Tailoring emotes to mirror your brand’s character and resonate with your audience can be a delightful strategy to foster a more engaged community.

Hair Dye (or Style)

Spicing up things a bit with a hair dye or style change as a sub-goal reward can pique your viewer’s interest. This out-of-the-box approach can stir excitement among your viewers and generate channel buzz, which further fuels engagement.

Karaoke / Twitch Sings

Stir up viewer excitement by hosting a karaoke or Twitch Sings event as a sub-goal reward. Motivating your audience to display their singing prowess and rewarding standout performances with accolades or goodies can amplify viewer interaction.


Go the extra mile and promise to cosplay as a popular character or design a fresh cosplay as a sub-goal reward. This dynamic and imaginative approach can ramp up viewer engagement and showcase your unique personality and interests.


Who says gamers can’t dance? Show off your fancy footwork and host a dance challenge as a sub-goal reward. It’s not just about you shaking a leg; get your viewers to join in and strut their stuff. Recognize the best performers, perhaps with virtual badges or shout-outs. Engagement soars as everyone gets their groove on, making your Twitch channel the place to be.

Community Games

When you reach a sub-goal, why not host a community game? It’s a great way to level up the fun factor and boost viewer interaction. Give your audience the chance to jump in, play, compete, and enjoy. The sense of camaraderie and community this builds can be a real game-changer for your Twitch channel’s growth.

Horror Games

Why not send shivers down your viewers’ spines by playing horror games as a sub-goal reward? The suspense, the jump scares, the shared adrenaline rush… It’s all about creating an experience your viewers won’t forget and leave them eagerly anticipating the next stream.

Play That Game or Level

Let democracy reign and have your viewers vote on a particular game or level for you to play when you hit a sub-goal. This strategy not only gets your audience more invested in your stream, but it also showcases your gaming chops in the process. Win-win!

Create or Commission Art

Got a knack for creativity? Offer to create or commission art as a sub-goal reward. Whether it’s a sketch, digital art, or even an emote, this personalized touch can create a stronger bond with your viewers, making your channel more memorable.

Special IRL Stream

Once you achieve a sub-goal, celebrate with an IRL (In Real Life) stream. This can range from a day out in the city to a cozy chat at your desk. It gives your viewers a sneak peek into your life outside of gaming, making your channel more personable and relatable.

Movie Night / Watch Party

Nothing beats a good movie night or a watch party with your Twitch community. It’s a laid-back and enjoyable way to interact with your viewers, build a sense of community, and grow your channel organically. All you need is some popcorn and a great flick!

Stream Improvements

Consider stream improvements as a potential sub-goal reward, too. This could range from better streaming equipment to software upgrades or even graphic enhancements. Remember, it’s not just about bringing an added layer of polish to your broadcasts.

These improvements signify a commitment to quality and viewer experience, which, in turn, helps foster a deeper connection with your audience. Plus, it has the added benefit of making your streams more professional, further increasing your channel’s growth potential.

A 24-Hour Stream

How about hosting a 24-hour stream as a sub-goal reward? Yes, it’s a test of endurance but also a bold statement of your dedication to your community. And trust me, nothing gets Twitch viewers more excited than seeing their favorite streamer going the extra mile. Whether you’re gaming, chatting, or doing a creative stream, this round-the-clock engagement session can bring in new subscribers while galvanizing your existing follower base.


A time-tested way to encourage subscriptions is through giveaways. Tangible rewards like gaming gear or digital goodies such as exclusive codes make for enticing sub-goal rewards. Even access to exclusive content can be a great incentive. But here’s the key: set clear, achievable targets for subscriber counts or engagement levels to unlock these giveaways. Build the anticipation, reveal winners live on stream and watch your Twitch community goals come to life!

12 Hour Stream

I can assure you that hosting a 12-hour stream is a fantastic sub-goal reward. It’s a marathon session that tests your endurance and provides ample time for interaction, gaming, and fun. It’s a grand gesture that shows your dedication and commitment to your community, and trust me, your viewers will appreciate the effort. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to attract new viewers who might stumble upon your channel during extended hours.

Charity Stream

One of the most rewarding sub-goal ideas is hosting a charity stream. It’s a wonderful way to give back and use your platform for a good cause. Once you hit a certain number of subs, you can dedicate a stream to raising funds for a charity of your choice. It’s not just about gaming; it’s about making a difference. Your viewers will appreciate your philanthropic spirit, and it can help foster a sense of community and purpose within your channel.

Drinking Stream

If your audience is on the older side, consider hosting a drinking stream as a sub-goal reward. It’s a laid-back, social event where you can kick back with a beverage and engage with your viewers in a relaxed setting. Just remember to promote responsible drinking and ensure your stream is set to mature. It’s a fun, casual way to celebrate hitting a sub-goal and can lead to some hilarious and memorable moments on stream.

Discord Calls With Chat

Engaging with your viewers is key to building a thriving Twitch community. One way to foster deeper connections is by hosting Discord calls with your subs once you hit a certain sub-goal. It’s a chance for your viewers to chat with you directly, ask questions, share their thoughts, or just hang out. This level of interaction can make your subs feel valued and appreciated, which can boost viewer loyalty and engagement.

Go Full-Time As A Streamer

If you’re passionate about streaming and dream of doing it full-time, why not make it a sub-goal? Once you hit a certain number of subs, you could take the leap and become a full-time streamer. It’s a significant step in showing your commitment to your channel and viewers. Just ensure you’ve done your homework and can sustain yourself financially. Your viewers will appreciate being part of your journey and may be more inclined to support you in achieving this milestone.

Pie To The Face

Sometimes, you’ve got to take one for the team, or in this case, a pie to the face. It’s a classic, humorous sub-goal reward that will surely get your viewers’ laughs. Once you hit your sub-goal, take a pie to the face live on stream. It’s a light-hearted, fun way to celebrate your achievement and keep your viewers entertained.

Play With Subs

Gaming is more fun when you’re playing with others. As a sub-goal reward, consider hosting a community gaming day where you play games with your subs. It’s a fantastic way to interact with your viewers, build a sense of community, and have a great time gaming together. Plus, it allows your subs to show off their gaming skills and possibly teach you a thing or two!

Sleep Stream

Twitch’s recent rule change now allows sleep streams. It’s a unique, quirky sub-goal reward that your viewers might find amusing. Once you hit your sub-goal, you can host a sleep stream where your viewers can hang out while you catch some Z’s. It’s a different kind of stream that can add a touch of novelty to your channel and keep your viewers guessing about what you’ll do next.


Subathons are all the rage on Twitch these days. It’s a streaming marathon where you keep streaming as long as people keep subbing. It’s a thrilling, high-stakes event that can generate a lot of buzz for your channel. Plus, it’s a great way to attract new subs and reward your existing viewers with extended streaming content.

Eat Something Spicy On Stream

If you’re up for a challenge, consider eating something spicy on stream as a sub-goal reward. Whether it’s a hot pepper or a spicy snack, your viewers will get a kick out of watching your reaction. It’s a fun, interactive event that can generate a lot of engagement and laughs. Just make sure you have a glass of milk on hand!

Extra Day(s) Of Streaming

Reward your viewers with more of what they love – your streams! Once you hit a certain sub-goal, consider adding an extra day or two to your streaming schedule. It’s a win-win situation – your viewers get more content, and you get more opportunities to grow your channel and engage with your community.

Music Stream

If you’re musically inclined, why not share your talents with your viewers as a sub-goal reward? Whether you’re playing an instrument, singing, or producing music, a music stream can be a refreshing change of pace from your regular content. It’s a chance to showcase a different side of yourself and engage with your viewers in a new way.

Donate Your Donations

Here’s a unique sub-goal idea – once you hit your sub-goal, all subsequent donations go to another streamer. It’s a generous, community-focused approach that can help foster connections with other streamers and promote a sense of camaraderie within the Twitch community. Plus, it’s a great way to pay it forward and support fellow streamers.

Face Reveal

If you’re a streamer who streams without a camera, consider a face reveal as a sub-goal reward. It’s a big step, but it can add a personal touch to your streams and help you connect with your viewers on a deeper level. Just remember, once you reveal your face, there’s no going back!

Upgrade Your Setup

A sub-goal reward that benefits both you and your viewers is upgrading your streaming setup. Whether it’s a new mic, camera, or software upgrade, improving your setup can enhance the quality of your streams and provide a better viewing experience for your audience. Plus, it shows your viewers that you’re committed to delivering high-quality content.

Cooking Stream

If you’re comfortable in the kitchen, consider hosting a cooking stream as a sub-goal reward. It’s a chance to share your culinary skills with your viewers and maybe even teach them a recipe or two. Plus, it’s a fun, interactive way to engage with your viewers and add some variety to your content.

Throw A Party On Stream

Celebrate hitting your sub-goal by throwing a party on stream. Whether it’s just you and your viewers or you invite some IRL friends, a party stream is a fun, festive way to celebrate your achievement. Plus, engaging with your viewers in a relaxed, social setting is a great opportunity.

Move Out

If you’re living at home or in less-than-ideal circumstances, consider making moving out a sub-goal. It’s a big step, but it can improve your quality of life and provide a better environment for your streams. Plus, your viewers can be a part of your journey and help you achieve this life-changing goal.

Get A Car

If you’re in need of transportation, consider making getting a car a sub-goal. It’s a practical, life-improving goal that your viewers can help you achieve. Plus, it’s a tangible reminder of your Twitch success and the support of your community.

Start A YouTube channel.

If you’re looking to expand your online presence, consider starting a YouTube channel as a sub-goal reward. It’s a chance to reach a new audience and provide additional content for your viewers. Plus, it can help diversify your content and provide a new platform for viewer engagement.

What Is A Sub Goal On Twitch?

A Twitch sub-goal is more than just a mere target or objective. A seasoned streamer sees it as a unique and dynamic way to rally their audience around a shared mission, spark their enthusiasm, and foster a vibrant community. These sub-goals can be anything, from aiming for a particular number of new subscribers to motivating viewers to partake in community-driven activities or unlocking special rewards.

When you craft your sub-goals, ensure they’re clear, specific, and measurable – aim for ‘500 new subscribers this month’ rather than ‘get more subscribers.’ Align them with your channel’s vibe and your viewers’ passions. For instance, if your audience loves RPGs, set a goal related to an RPG marathon or a dedicated discussion.

Now, what can you offer your community to spur them on? It could range from unique emotes and exclusive community games to a thrilling 24-hour stream or even a themed cosplay stream. Some streamers also offer exciting giveaways as a thank-you for smashing sub-goals or promising to improve their streaming setup, guaranteeing better content in return.

But remember, it’s not just about setting these goals; it’s about effectively communicating them, too. Use your streams, social media, and channel descriptions to update your viewers on these shared objectives regularly.

It’s all about customizing these sub-goals to match your unique channel and audience preferences. So go ahead and experiment with different types of goals, rewards, and communication strategies. I can guarantee you’ll find something that strikes a chord with your Twitch community, ultimately driving engagement and amplifying your channel growth.

How To Add A Sub Goal To Your Twitch Stream

Adding a sub-goal to your Twitch stream is like planting a seed of motivation for your viewers. This sub-goal is a visible target, pushing viewers to hit that ‘subscribe’ button and actively supporting your channel growth. It’s all about creating a sense of community engagement; believe me, it works wonders!

So, how exactly do you do this? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Twitch provides a plethora of features and tools, among which Streamlabs and Creator’s Goals are game-changers. These tools let you craft enticing objectives that your viewers can rally behind. Whether it’s reaching a new subscriber milestone or boosting viewer interaction, these goals create a sense of shared achievement, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

Fresh Twitch Stream Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Crafting captivating Twitch stream ideas is the name of the game when it comes to growth and viewer engagement on your channel. The key lies in introducing unique interactive elements and experimenting with features you might not have thought of before.

The options are endless, from utilizing advanced tools like OBS Websocket and exploring the creative potential of OBS plugins and effects to fully embracing Twitch extensions or choosing games with Twitch integration. Each of these innovative ideas brings you a step closer to fostering a vibrant, interactive Twitch community.

Stir Up Interaction: Let Viewers Control OBS with Chat Using OBS Websocket

One groundbreaking way to boost your stream’s engagement is through OBS Websocket, a tool that allows viewers to interact with your stream via chat commands. This not only lets them switch scenes or adjust audio levels but also gives them the ability to trigger specific events.

This layer of interaction will empower your viewers, making them active contributors to your stream’s narrative, leading to a more engaging, dynamic, and ultimately unforgettable streaming experience.

Add Flair with OBS Plugins and Effects

Dial up your stream’s aesthetics with a variety of OBS plugins and effects. These tools have the ability to spruce up your stream with attractive visual overlays, creative filters, animated elements, and more. They’re instrumental in establishing your brand’s visual identity and making your content more appealing. It’s all about testing different plugins to find the right mix that aligns with your stream’s vibe and your brand’s persona.

Harness the Power of Twitch Extensions

Delve into the diverse world of Twitch extensions, a surefire way to elevate viewer engagement on your stream. These add-ons introduce a plethora of interactive features—polls, leaderboards, mini-games, chat integrations, and more—creating a more immersive environment for your audience. With Twitch extensions, you turn passive viewers into active participants, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie on your channel.

The Game Changer: Play Games with Twitch Integration

Why not take the engagement a notch higher by choosing games with Twitch integration? These games are designed to offer your viewers the chance to influence the gameplay or interact with the game in a meaningful way.

Whether it’s voting on critical in-game decisions, triggering unexpected events, or hopping into multiplayer games with you, the streamer, these games can inject an extra dose of fun and engagement into your Twitch streams. This strategy turns your Twitch channel into a shared gaming experience where everyone gets a say in the game’s outcome.

Twitch Channel Points

Harnessing the power of Twitch Channel Points is a game-changer for those looking to grow their Twitch communities. Think of Channel Points as a loyalty program. It allows you to incentivize your audience for their engagement – from their screen time to their involvement in raids. And the best part? It’s not just for subscribers. Non-subscribers can take a peek at the rewards and perks, encouraging them to transform into loyal followers and subscribers.

What Are Twitch Channel Points?

What are these Twitch Channel Points, I hear you ask? A built-in reward system for Twitch Affiliates and Partners creates a bridge between the streamers and viewers. Viewers earn these points by watching your streams, joining in raids, or even following your channel. They can then use them to grab awesome rewards ranging from unique emotes to exclusive shoutouts and maybe even control parts of your stream.

How to Set Up Channel Point Redemptions on Twitch

Now, let’s dig into how to set up Channel Point redemptions on Twitch. Head over to your Twitch dashboard and tap on the Channel Points Rewards page. Here, you can get creative and set up custom rewards for viewers. How about some exclusive emotes? Or maybe a shoutout during your next stream? The power is in your hands, and your viewers will love redeeming their points for these perks!

How to Get Channel Points on Twitch

But how do you get Channel Points on Twitch? It’s all about viewer engagement! Tune in to streams, interact, and be active in the community. By doing so, viewers can accrue points, which they can redeem for various rewards crafted by their favorite streamers. It’s a rewarding cycle, don’t you think?

Subscriber Channel Point Bonuses

What’s more, you can supercharge your subscriber relationships by offering subscriber channel point bonuses. Let your subscribers earn extra channel points per minute or offer subscriber-exclusive rewards. It’s a win-win situation: your subscribers feel valued, and your Twitch channel thrives.

How to Use Channel Points on Twitch

Finally, the million-dollar question: how to use Channel Points on Twitch? It’s simple – viewers can redeem their amassed points for rewards you’ve set up. They’ll love the engagement, whether it’s a one-of-a-kind emote, an on-stream shoutout, or some control over your stream. As a streamer, channel points offer a brilliant way to encourage viewer interaction and loyalty – the secret sauce for growing and succeeding on Twitch.

Get Creative With Your Rewards

Think outside the box when it comes to crafting rewards, and perhaps learn “How To Build a Vibrant Twitch Community” to enhance your Twitch community goals. Offering your viewers tangible, unique incentives can spark their interest and boost engagement levels. No one-size-fits-all here—tailor your rewards to the vibe of your stream and your audience’s preferences.

You might consider dishing out exclusive emotes, a special mention or ‘shoutout,’ or even penning a personalized message for your loyal subscribers.

Now imagine offering access to behind-the-scenes content or private streams, organizing attractive giveaways, or empowering your viewers to control certain aspects of your broadcast. Sounds exciting, right? That’s the kind of energy you want to infuse into your Twitch community.

But remember, clarity is key in communication. Ensure your viewers understand what they’re in for when engaging with your content or hit that subscribe button. After all, your community is your biggest ally in the quest to grow your Twitch channel.


What are Community Challenges, and how do they work?

Community Challenges are a type of Custom Reward that allows streamers to set goals for their community to achieve together. Viewers can contribute to the challenge by using their channel points. 

What are Twitch’s Community Guidelines, and how do they relate to Community Goals?

Twitch’s Community Guidelines outline the platform’s expectations for user behavior and content. They are designed to ensure that Twitch remains a safe and welcoming place for all users. Community Goals should align with these guidelines to avoid any violations. 

What is the Twitch Bounty Board, and how can it be used to support Community Goals?

The Twitch Bounty Board is a program that allows streamers to earn rewards for completing specific tasks, such as playing a new game or promoting a product. It can be used to support Community Goals by incentivizing viewers to participate in challenges. 

What is Twitch’s policy on hateful conduct, and how does it affect Community Goals?

Twitch has a strict policy against hateful conduct, which includes any content or activity that promotes discrimination, harassment, or violence. Community Goals should not encourage or promote any form of hateful conduct. 

What is the Creator Dashboard, and how can it help with Community Goals?

The Creator Dashboard is a tool that allows streamers to manage their channel, track their performance, and engage with their community. It can help streamers set and track progress towards Community Goals. 


To succeed on Twitch, focus on more than gaming. Network with peers and engage in community events to grow your audience.

Craft a unique brand to stand out and prioritize streaming quality for better engagement. Consistency and a regular schedule are essential.

Use smart growth strategies and adapt based on feedback. Twitch success is a long-term game requiring dedication. Follow these steps, leverage your unique style, and you’re on your way to Twitch stardom. Good luck!

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