Are Twitch Followers Actually Subs?

When you start streaming on Twitch, a common question that comes up is, “Are Twitch followers the same as subscribers?” It’s crucial to untangle this knot for anyone keen on scaling the heights of Twitch stardom.

Followers are the backbone, the silent supporters who choose to stay updated with your content. On the other hand, subscribers are the elite squad, the paying patrons who see value in investing in your channel. Understanding the nuanced difference between these two entities is pivotal for channel growth, optimizing content strategy, and fostering a thriving community. This knowledge is a mere tidbit and a cornerstone for those who aspire to make a mark on Twitch.

Twitch Followers

In the world of Twitch, there’s often a bit of confusion surrounding the terms “followers” and “subscribers.” Let’s clear the air. When someone chooses to follow your channel, it’s akin to hitting the follow button on Instagram or Twitter. It’s free and the gateway for viewers to stay in the loop with your content. They get stream notifications, ensuring they never miss out when you go live, and their names grace your follower list, creating a sense of community around your content.

Now, followers are your base, your community builders, and they do it all without spending a dime. They’re the ones who get to enjoy any exclusive content or special giveaways you might throw out as a thank-you for their support. It’s like giving them a backstage pass to your streaming world, allowing them to see, engage, and be a part of your journey.

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Are Twitch Followers actually Subscribers?

But here’s the kicker: followers are not subscribers. Subscribers are the next level, choosing to support your channel financially. They’re your patrons, contributing to your Twitch journey, and often, they get a few extra perks for their support.

I’ve seen many new and seasoned streamers encouraging their communities to follow, join the journey, be part of the conversation, and dive into the exclusive content and special moments that following can bring. It’s a mutual appreciation society where streamers get the support and followers get the content they love.

Twitch Subscribers

Twitch subscribers are your premium supporters. They’re the ones who choose to spend a bit of their money to back you up every month, and they get some cool perks in return, like unique emotes and badges and the joy of ad-free viewing. It’s a win-win! Subscribing is a step above following and is a more direct way to support your favorite streamers.

Understanding this distinction is key for those looking to grow your Twitch channel. Subscribers are the backbone of your Twitch income, providing a steady, recurring revenue stream that can help you turn your passion for streaming into a full-time gig. So, focus on delivering engaging, high-quality content to convert those followers into subscribers and build a thriving, supportive community around your channel.

And remember, whether you’re a seasoned Twitch Partner, an Affiliate, or just starting out, every subscriber counts. So, value them, interact with them, and make them feel a part of your Twitch journey. A well-placed shoutout or a private Discord channel for your subs can go a long way in building lasting relationships.

Comparison between Followers and Subscribers

So, let’s compare and see the main differences between Followers and Subscribers. Followers on Twitch are those who opt to stay in the loop with your channel at no cost. On the other hand, subscribers bring a financial aspect into the mix. They choose to back your channel with a paid subscription, unlocking a treasure trove of perks like unique emotes, badges, and the luxury of viewing without ads interrupting the experience. Subscribers can pick from a spectrum of subscription levels, each with unique privileges and price points, contributing 50% of the subscription fee to the streamer’s pocket.

For the viewer’s POV, the following is about staying updated with their preferred streamers receiving alerts when they’re broadcasting. Subscribing, however, is a step further, allowing viewers to extend their support monetarily and reap exclusive rewards in return.

For the streamers striving to create a devoted community and monetize their craft, both followers and subscribers are pillars of their growth strategy. Followers amplify a streamer’s presence on Twitch, while subscribers are a fountain of steady income and exclusive advantages.

Comparison of Twitch Followers and Subscribers

Feature/BenefitTwitch FollowersTwitch Subscribers
Access to contentGeneralExclusive
Unique emotesNoYes
Subscriber badgesNoYes
Ad-free viewingNoYes
Support to streamerNon-financialFinancial
Subscriber-only chat accessNoYes
Access to subscriber-only streamsNoYes

Benefits of Subscribing

The biggest benefits are that Subscribers get to flaunt unique emotes across Twitch, sport subscriber badges that evolve over time, and enjoy the luxury of watching streams without the interruption of ads. For those looking to increase their subscriber count and understand the strategies behind it, check out our guide on How to get Twitch subscribers.

Subscribers often express, “Having the ability to splash custom emotes in chats and openly support my go-to streamer is my way of reciprocating the endless entertainment they offer.” Visual aids, like infographics detailing subscription tiers and their respective perks, can vividly illustrate the subscriber benefits, and a comparative table can highlight the advantages over the mere following.

In essence, being a subscriber is like being in an exclusive club with access to myriad benefits, from unique emotes to a sense of belonging and the joy of supporting beloved streamers. These varied perks and intrinsic rewards make subscribing a preferred choice for many.


Do Twitch followers get any benefits?

Twitch followers do receive benefits such as notifications when the streamer goes live, but they don’t get the exclusive perks that subscribers enjoy, like ad-free viewing, access to unique emotes, and subscriber-only chat access.

How do I see who is following me on Twitch?

To see who’s following you on Twitch, simply go to your Twitch profile, click on the ‘Followers’ tab, and you’ll find a list of everyone who follows you, allowing you to interact and engage with your audience effectively.

Can Twitch followers see subscriber-only streams?

No, Twitch followers cannot access subscriber-only streams. These streams are exclusive perks for subscribers who support the streamer financially, providing them with unique content as a token of appreciation.

How can I convert my Twitch followers into subscribers?

To convert Twitch followers into subscribers, create engaging, high-quality content, offer exclusive subscriber-only perks, maintain a consistent streaming schedule, interact with your followers, and promote your subscriber benefits during your streams.


Alright, let’s get this straight. In the world of Twitch, followers and subscribers hold their unique places. Followers are like the backbone. They boost your visibility and let the viewers stay in sync with their adored streamers. It’s like having your own fan club, keeping tabs on every move you make on the platform. Now, subscribers are the real MVPs, bringing in that steady flow of income and unlocking those special perks and goodies. We’re talking about custom emotes, shiny subscriber badges, the luxury of ad-free viewing, and much more.

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